Mijn naam is Haas
recording recorded @ Studio Forte
composition and arrangement Paul van Vulpen
performers Geert Chatrou (whistle), Annemarie Kosse (flute), Inge de Vries (oboe & english horn), Eberdine van Breemen (clarinet), Rhea Pickios (bassoon), Jan-Willem te Kiefte (trumpet), Niels Lammers (tuba), Inger van Vliet (violin), Jack Kroes (contrabass), Thomas Pol (contrabass)

trailer of the game “kliederkonten”

Mijn naam is Haas (My name is Haas) is an award winning serious game for young children age 3-7 years old. Within the online serious game children create their own interactive story by simply drawing the world of character Haas. The child can also draw solutions to problems and add elements, like trees and insects, by drawing them right into the world. These elements then become part of the story and may even change the plot.
The game increases young children’s vocabulary, stimulates their story comprehension and challenges their problem solving skills.
More informatie at mijnnaamishaas.nl

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